Unìco art boutique hotel


The stay of visitors of Unìco will be enriched by beauty, art, experience, taste and liveliness discovering Palermo - the happy city of the Arabs - millenary capital of a rich and generous land, crossroads of cultures and traditions from East to West.

Arab-Norman itinerary

The Arab-Norman itinerary, recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site, tells the Palermo of Norman-Swabian dinasty through some milestones. Here are some: The Royal Palace fortress since the time of the Arabs and headquarters of the Norman until the Bourbon’s domination is now home to the Sicilian Regional Assembly.

historical markets

Immersing yourself in the historic center of Palermo will reveal the heart of the city, with its ancient street markets filled of colors, scents, and traditional '' abbanniate '', the characteristic songs sung at the top of the vendors’ lungs to sell their merchandise.

major museums

One of the main places dedicated to art in Palermo is the Gam, Gallery of Modern Art, inside the complex of Sant'Anna, in Kalsa district. It has an internal library, a cafeteria and courtyards that evenings are open for concerts and cultural events.

underground Palermo

For a suggestive journey in the history of Palermo you can visit the Catacombs of the Capuchins, located in a gallery of about three hundred meters, right below the namesake monastery.

street food

Palermo in 2017 is also the capital of street food, food you eat with your hands, between a sightseeing trips or while just walking around. There are several places and gastronomic events that the city offers, discover ancient flavors and recipes that you can replicate once you return home.


Unìco is just a few meters from the sea in the resort town of Mondello, old fishing village, today the favorite beach of Palermo, famous for its fine sand and crystal clear water. The hotel overlooks the sea from its terraces, the entire Gulf, giving you a breathtaking view.