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street food

Palermo in 2017 is also the capital of street food, food you eat with your hands, between a sightseeing trips or while just walking around. There are several places and gastronomic events that the city offers, discover ancient flavors and recipes that you can replicate once you return home. Essential to taste are: the rice balls named “Arancine” and the cannoli, the cazzilli (potato croquettes) or roasted “stigghiole” (Lamb entrails), the “sfincione” (pizza with tomatoes, onions and anchovies) and “vastedda ca 'meusa”, a sandwich stuffed with veal spleen and lung. Even the bread with “panelle”, fritters made with chickpea flour is a goodness to buy in kiosks set up on the street and in almost every corner of the markets.

Unìco will advise guests an ad hoc culinary tour during to taste the best dishes of the Palermo street-food, in the company of authorized guides who will offer participants a comprehensive overview about the local culture: not only food, but also art, history and traditions.

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