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One of the main places dedicated to art in Palermo is the Gam, Gallery of Modern Art, inside the complex of Sant'Anna, in Kalsa district. It has an internal library, a cafeteria and courtyards that evenings are open for concerts and cultural events. It has hosted major monographic exhibitions devoted to great artists of the past, but also projects dedicated to young talents of contemporary art.

Palazzo Abatellis, in the Arab district of Kalsa, has been home since 1954 of the Regional Gallery of Sicily. Its exhibition halls host the works of important protagonists of the XIV and XV centuries including Antonello and Domenico Gagini, Francesco Laurana, Antonello da Messina, Jan Provost, Antoon Van Dyck. The extraordinary fresco ''Triumph of Death'' by an unknown artist dates back to the years 1445 and it is displayed in the Gallery with an amazing light. The death riding a skeletal horse breaks into a garden sowing confusion among young revelers and noble maidens. After having exterminated the earthly hierarchies, lay and religious, popes and emperors, whose bodies now lie lifeless, he mockingly saves the group of miserable and derelicts people who even invokes it

Palazzo Riso, built in the late XVIII century, now houses the Museum of Contemporary Art of Sicily, one the most important exhibition areas of the region, which offers works by authors from around the Mediterranean sea.
Home to the new Museum of the Foundation Banco di Sicilia is the Palazzo Branciforte. The archaeological collection is its strong point: In addition to various kinds of ceramics is also possible to see rare and precious artifacts. It houses a restaurant and a convenience store with catalogs and souvenirs.

The Regional Archaeological Museum ''Antonio Salinas'', however, has one of the richest collections of Punic and ancient Greek art in Italy which represent a big part of Sicilian history.
The “Antonio Pasqualino” International Marionette Museum in Via Butera is picturesque: in the halls you can admire theaters, collections of ancient Sicilian puppets and marionettes from Sicily and around the world.

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