Unìco art boutique hotel



Unìco is just a few meters from the sea in the resort town of Mondello, old fishing village, today the favorite beach of Palermo, famous for its fine sand and crystal clear water. The hotel overlooks the sea from its terraces, the entire Gulf, giving you a breathtaking view. The beach is populated by nice cold-drinks kiosks, street food and beaches equipped for those who have the desire to spend a relaxing day at sea. Not to mention that from the “happy hour” to late night, the waterfront of Mondello becomes a stage rich of music and events dedicated to nightlife.

The Addaura offers a rugged cliff, surrounded by greenery, at the foot of Mount Pellegrino. Access to the sea here is not of the easiest, but the spectacle it offers is breathtaking both on the surface and underwater. The depths of this stretch of coast are, in fact, loved by the diving fans.

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